Friday, May 21, 2010

Of Wine, Art and Roads

Ahh, beautiful Tuscany!
We are staying in a small town just at the bottom of Montelpuciano, in a converted farmhouse part of Italy"s agriturismo. The views are spectacular. We"ve rented a little Fiat which my better half loves to race along the Italian country roads. I just close my eyes and pray.

Today we spent the entire day in Florence. There is no way I can possibly do it justice - I just don't have the words to describe- Needless to say, it is everything you always hear and read about. We saw the entire Uffizi gallery of art, trekked up to Monte Belvedere across the river to see the city at sunset and just had dinner at the most wonderful little restaurant - a trattoria that served up some pretty fabulous vegetarian food.

Last night we climbed upto the top of Montelpuciano (no cars allowed there) and had dinner at a little wine room. My better half succumbed to temptation and ordered a glass of the local chianti. I have the photo to prove it! It was delicious. We may indulge in sharing another glass of wine before this trip is over. :)

Tomorrow we drive to Sienna and perhaps we"ll make it to Assisi. I can see why artists flock here - you can"t see an ugly vista no matter where you look. Everything is a work of art already.

The internet cafe closes in less than 2 minutes, so I must go.
Until the next time...